Lumimaa documentaries directed by Sakari Laurila:

The Body as a Spectacle (Una Vocación Ciega) (2016)

An observational documentary about a contemporary circus group, with a concentration on the body and how it can transform from a natural possibility of encounter to an object of a spectacle or a spectacle in itself. Directing/photography/editing/production, Brussels, Barcelona, 2013-2016.

Duration: 75min, video HD1080, colour.

Website of the documentary:

Gritos en el Cielo (2012)

A one hour observational documentary about the political uprising in Barcelona 2011. Directing/photography/editing/producing, Barcelona 2011.

Duration: 63min, video HD1080, colour.

Website of the film:

Documental Surpas (2011)

Documentary about a festival fighting for its existence against the industrial cultural system. The concentration of the video is on the critique towards the current cultural production system, through interviews with artists and makers of the festival. The beloved Surpas died eventually, but resurrected as Festival Norpas: Directing/photography/editing/producing, Barcelona 2011-12.

Duration: 22 min, video HD1080, colour.

Preview of the documentary:

Klubi / Konttori (2010)

Part one of two short documentaries about spaces for people who are not participating in the usual functioning of the competition society. This one is a club house in Järvenpää and the second, a small meeting place and a cafe with free food for homeless in Vaasankatu, Helsinki. Directing/photography/editing, Helsinki 2010.

Duration: 30 min together, video HD1080, colour.

Preview of part one, Klubi:

Our Future, Your Future (2007)

An observational documentary about a day in an elementary school in East-London and Uganda. A study on children’s dreams and a reality of colonialist relations. Co-directing/photography/co-editing, London, 2007.

Duration: 30min, video HD1080, colour.

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