Feature films and documentaries

Technology as Ideology (2021)

A feature fiction film based on academic research material with Kammari Research Group. Made of of eight short stories about living in a world governed by a new technological ideology and high-end technological prosthetic godliness. In script writing and pre-production in 2020.

The Cleaners (2021)

A feature fiction film of two young cleaners in Berlin. A story of passion for life, where the different levels of illusions that govern our desires are encountered face to face. While the main characters encounter different levels of the Berlin society by cleaning the apartments. In script writing and pre-production in 2020.

The Body as a Spectacle (Una VocaciĆ³n Ciega) -documentary (2018)

An observational feature documentary about a contemporary circus group, with a concentration on the body and how it can transform from a natural possibility of human encounter to an object of a spectacle or even a spectacle in itself. Co-production with Armas Productions, Helsinki. Barcelona, 2013-2018.

75 min, video HD1080, colour.

Website of the documentary: vocacionciega.armaskollektiivi.org

Gritos En El Cielo (Shouts In The Sky) -documentary (2013)

An observational documentary about the political uprising in Barcelona It is a story of the dreams of a generation in the middle of austerity measures, while banks are saved with hundreds of billions of taxpayers money. Barcelona, 2011.

Duration: 60 min, video HD1080, colour.

Watch the full video here in Youtube

Website of the film: gritosenelcielo.lumimaa.org

Our Future, Your Future (2007)

An observational documentary about a day in an elementary school in East-London and Uganda. A study on children’s dreams of the future and a reality of colonialist relations. London, 2007.

Duration: 30 min, video HD1080, colour.

For a preview, please send email: film (at) lumimaa.org