Feature films and documentaries

The Cleaners (2021)

A feature fiction film of two young cleaners in Berlin. A story of passion for life, where the different levels of illusions that govern our desires are encountered face-to-face, while the main characters encounter different levels of the Berlin society by cleaning the apartments. Pre-production in 2020.

The Body as a Spectacle (Una VocaciĆ³n Ciega) -documentary (2018)

An observational feature documentary about a contemporary circus group, with a concentration on the body and how it can transform from a natural possibility of human encounter to an object of a spectacle or even a spectacle in itself. Co-production with Armas Productions, Helsinki. Barcelona, 2013-2018.

75 min, video HD1080, colour.

Website of the documentary: vocacionciega.armaskollektiivi.org

Gritos En El Cielo (Shouts In The Sky) -documentary (2013)

An observational documentary about the political uprising in Barcelona It is a story of the dreams of a generation in the middle of austerity measures, while banks are saved with hundreds of billions of taxpayers money. Barcelona, 2011.

Duration: 60 min, video HD1080, colour.

Watch the full video here in Youtube

Website of the film: gritosenelcielo.lumimaa.org

Our Future, Your Future (2007)

An observational documentary about a day in an elementary school in East-London and Uganda. A study on children’s dreams of the future and a reality of colonialist relations. London, 2007.

Duration: 30 min, video HD1080, colour.

For a preview, please send email: film (at) lumimaa.org