Lumimaa Productions is an international production company of video, film, theatre, journalism and contemporary art projects. We have offices in Helsinki, Finland and Limassol, Cyprus.

We produce short films, documentaries, music videos, advertisements, journalistic videos, promos etc. Examples of projects and previous works in Portfolio-page.

In our research projects with universities we combine academic research to cinema.

The main director, DoP and editor in Lumimaa Productions (“lumimaa” meaning land of snow) is Sakari Laurila. He is working with a constantly expanding collective of researchers, film-makers, musicians, media professionals, writers, artists, dancers, thinkers etc. mainly in Cyprus, Helsinki, Barcelona and Berlin.

For more information, contact: film (at) or sakari (at)

When a sparrow flies over the castle, the king gets a phone call. – a famous Kallio neighbourhood saying.