Portfolio – Sakari Laurila


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The Country Of Thousands Of Fakes

Collaboration, with a project of Hanna Kaisa Vainio “Finland is known as the country of forests and thousands of lakes. Finland’s surface area (about 300 000km2 ) is 71% is forest. But less than 5% of the forest is in natural condition, not controlled and modified by man. The rest is fields of trees. Grown and calculated for the benefit of the forest industry.” Barcelona, 2015.

Rendez-vous Cellular

A performance and installation on primitivism and capitalism by Meri Hietala. Collaboration. Barcelona, 2015. Link to project here.

My Sunshine

A collaboration project of contemporary environmental art. Video art/documentation. Helsinki, Pescaria, Venice biennial, 2009-2010.


A collaboration project with environmental artist Vera Kowazevska. Video installation/photography/performance. Biennial of Young Artists in Europe, Bari, 2008.


Technology created video art project. Video installation. Helsinki, 2008.


A workshop series of conceptual environmental art practices. Co-coordinator. Cambridge University, 2007.



An independent, communal radio station for sound art, critical discussion, independent communications, experimental thinking and arts. Radio hosting, radio documentaries, music, experimental radio shows. Founded in Helsinki, 2013.

Kammari residency

A rural residency for researchers and artists. The residency is a continuous situation of critical awareness and a living installation. The residency aims for energy, food and infrastructural autonomy and sustainability within the surrounding nature. Founded in 2017, Treis Elies, Cyprus.



An inclusive, mixed-ability contemporary dance project about challenging social categories and definitions: in collaboration with dancer Eleftheria Sokratous. Berlin, 2016.

The Resurrection Of Yuki

An improvisation and location based performance project with performance artist Désirée Sophie Meul. Guitar, saxophone, text. Berlin, 2016. Audio documentation:

Miss Fennovoima

A performance and video art project about a character preparing for Miss Atom competition. In collaboration with an environmental organisation and a impro-theatre. Made to bring awareness on a new nuclear plant being built in Finland. Video. Helsinki 2015.

Sahastras and Riders of the Lost Current

Experimental saw and drone music tour and environmental art exhibition. Curator, videos, texts. Barcelona, 2014. Interview by collaborators Telenoika:

Eternal Nature Of Working Class Destiny

Performance and video. Video excerpt. Barcelona, 2012.



Under construction…

On art, society and politics

Sketches of Spain: commodity logic of political change in the Barcelona uprising of 2011 – an article for NeMe Art Centre in Cyprus

(In Finnish) Marinaleda – Utopia kohti rauhaa // Marinaleda – a Utopia towards peace– article in Voima Magazine about a village in Andalucia, Spain.

(In Finnish) Kanarianlintu kaivoksessa – 2014 – The Canary in the mine – a debate pamphlet with Jouko Kämäräinen. Published by Kolera publishing (SOLD OUT) and can be read online in Jouko’s page.

On Contemporary arts

(In Finnish) Binaari-Derive – 2018 – article for the Creative Commons in Arts -seminar

(In Finnish) Image and shock // Kuva ja shokki – 2014 – Mustekala.info Magazine for art, politics, research and critique

(In Finnish) Image and rebellion // Kuva ja kapina – 2014 – Mustekala.info Magazine for art, politics, research and critique

(In Finnish) The authiority of image // Kuvan auktoriteetti– 2013 – Mustekala.info Magazine for art, politics, research and critique