working values

Here are some basic values of work in Lumimaa projects:

Artistic workforce. We exploit only ourselves.

Profit. In Lumimaa projects everyone working are paid equal salary and no-one pockets profit from the work of others.

Environmental values. Nature made a tree, humans made a telephone pole. Nature paints in flowers, man paints with a grass cutter. “Without a healthy land base you cannot have sex.” Derrick Jensen

Social. We put all our trust in the ability of individuals to think critically.

Image. Images are what determines our relations to great extent. Thinking is highly conditioned by imagery. So it is essential to critically understand what sort of images we create and what is our relation to them.

Journalistic integrity. The aim is for slow, profoundly researched, in-depth journalism, rather than quick news. Usually we combine personal stories and experiences with the objective structural analysis.

Dance. All life is movement, thus dance is a human possibility to critically connect to life as well as our cultural/social functioning. There are dancers, choreographers and pedagogues involved in our collective. We also collaborate on projects with many other contemporary dance and theatre collectives.

Film/video. Cinema is the art of film. Video is another art form with a completely different ontological basis and thus they should not be confused. We work with both.