Working values

Here are some basic working values in Lumimaa Productions:

Professionalism. We execute our projects with high level of professionalism in terms of equipment, work force and final product. Our team has experience from a wide range of video and film productions, ranging from promo video, documentations of events and performances to documentaries, short films and feature films.

Film/video. Cinema is historically an art form created on celluloid film. Video is another art form, based on digital images. We acknowledge the difference. We work with both.
“Film is light, video is electricity.” – Aki Kaurism√§ki.

Workforce. We aim to exploit only ourselves.

Internationality. We aim to do collaborative projects internationally.

Equality.¬† We are interested in people’s thinking, creativity and work, regardless of gender, race, sexual preference, etc.

Environmental values. We aim for ecological consciousness and sustainable practices in our projects.

Social. We put all our trust in the ability of individuals to think critically. With our own works, we want to ignite and inspire public discussion and positive change towards a more free, equal and sustainable society.

Imagery. Images are what determines our relations to a great extent. Thinking is highly conditioned by imagery. So it is essential to critically understand what sort of images we create and what is our relation to them.

Journalistic integrity. The aim is for slow, profoundly researched, in-depth documentaries and journalism. We aim to combine personal stories and experiences with an objective structural analysis.